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Graphic Design Project Planning

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Video Production Project PlanningUpon the 1st phone call to skip he immediately threw out some awesome ideas that led to the instant success of my business. The guy knows it stuff, hands down the best (and easiest) web designer to work with.
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Website design and development- project planning

Contemplating having a website created can be time consuming at best and completely overwhelming otherwise! Many of my clients know that they need/want a website but may not even be clear on what exactly the site will do for their business.

To this end, I have developed a set of worksheets that I call "Discovery Worksheets". The Architectural Discovery Worksheet, deals with the "structural" aspects of the website project such as what type of functionality (if any) will you need, the main topics that might be covered on the site (which would then be turned into individual pages), potential areas that require password protection, etc.

This worksheet helps the client to develop an overall picture of the internal structure of the website and facilitates the exposure of the client to aspects of website creation that he or she may not have been aware of.

“Adventure is just bad planning” - Roald Amundsen

The second worksheet, the Creative Discovery Worksheet, tends to be easier for clients to fill out initially as it covers areas of their business that most have already considered such as target demographics, company tag lines & catch phrases, color schemes and design themes etc. However this worksheet also brings this information back into the realm of web design by asking such questions as "What process will be used to integrate the website into the business on a daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis?"

There are occasions when, if the scope of work is the redesign of an existing site, the site architecture is largely known. However, these two worksheets are both vitally important not only to the designer but to the client as well in that they serve to help the client understand the possibilities a professionally produced website can offer them.

If you are interested in having a new website developed or giving your old site a makeover. I suggest that you contact Shadowbend Studios and have us email you the forms for you to print out. You can then fill out as much of the information as possible. Even if you do not choose Shadowbend Studios for your project, these worksheets can be a good first step in getting your project off the ground.

Web Design Project Planning