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I opened Shadowbend Studios because I truly enjoy design work and the creative process. After being exposed to other excellent design work and continually thinking to myself that I could produce at least the same level of quality work, I decided to stop talking about it and put my money where my mouth was. I began putting together websites and producing design projects for friends and family and it was not long before "Shadowbend Studios" was born.

"We live in a web of ideas, a fabric of our own making" - James Chilton Pearce

At the turn of the 20th century, the Arts & Crafts movement strove to retain authenticity and integrity in the design and creation of everything from the smallest stained glass window to complete homes. Set against a marketplace that was overrun with the poor quality of cheap mass-produced goods, the famous "Morris" Chair remains a symbol of the timelessness of this design philosophy. I recall a powerful quote from the film version of Ayn Rands "The Fountainhead", "...artistic value is achieved collectively, with each man subordinating himself to the standards of the majority..." Shadowbend Studios embraces the concept of retaining authenticity in a cookie-cutter, paint-by-numbers web and graphic design marketplace. We design for the individual, not for the majority.

Meet the man behind Shadowbend Studios, James "Skip" Sommer

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